About Me

I am an experienced graphic designer who has a proven track record in publishing and marketing design and a unique balance of creative and technical expertise.

I have helped clients develop corporate and brand identities and market positioning for many years. I am passionate about what I do, which is why I produce great results that work for all my clients. To me, every project deserves a unique solution.

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What I Do

I provide an integrated service so that every part of your digital communications – digital and print – is effective.

Given today’s ever-changing business demands, I use strategy, creativity and craft to create a customised and unique visual message – matching keen insight and fresh ideas with a designer’s dedication to finessing every detail.

The result is one, powerfully simple idea that will make a tangible difference to your brand.

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How to Achieve It

Distinctiveness can’t be achieved by means of the familiar, so I leapfrog tried and tested off-the-shelf solutions and seek out the unexpected.

I design materials that are intelligent and memorable, that clearly and confidently express your brand, capture your personality and connect with your audience. My values are creative, adaptable, positive, entrepreneurial and pioneering. I take the time to understand my clients’ objectives and, in partnership with you, deliver innovative design time after time.

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The future is created one decision at a time, and brands inform the most important decisions we make.

Additional Info
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